On the Level 2 course you will learn to heal your soul, your body and your abundance.

 It is vital to be able to find and change the earliest reference point (trauma or association) for any given issue and Level 1 equips you to do exactly that. RPT deals with huge chunks of stuff at once so it is really quick and easy but, given the untold numbers of people in our ancestry ie our biology, the task of clearing all we need to clear can seem an endless one.

 Level 2 takes you to the next step by giving you a super-charged shortcut because there's good news - you don't need to clear every single underlying trauma. Not every last potential trauma in your biology is "switched on" and most people's blocks, at least the greater proportion of them, are caused by trauma or associations at the same critical moments.

 To quote Simon Rose       

"most people's abundance problems are caused by blocks at their conception (which is when their energy of "co-creation" should be highest). Most people's feelings of disconnection are caused by trauma just after birth. And most people's spiritual blocks, feelings of a difficulty reaching enlightenment or intuitive abilities are caused by specific moments of trauma in the womb."

 Level 2 takes as its starting point the simple framework, initially developed by Grant McFetridge (see RPT background page), of key events occurring mainly in the womb and flies with it.

 Here's some of the course content::

The Art of Reconception

Biological Trauma - Key Development Events

Heal Your Biology

Heal Your Soul

Boundary Issues

Separation Issues

Abuse Issues

General Abundance Healing


There's more. For real detail visit http://www.referencepointtherapy.com/Level2.php

 Prerequisites for RPT Level 2:   successful completion of RPT Level 1


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