RPT is all about getting to the bottom of things, finding the trauma or association that lies at the very root of the issue we're dealing with ie. its earliest reference point. This might lie early in childhood, in the womb or in our ancestry.

Level 1 teaches you how to get to that, using feelings as your guide.

You'll learn how bringing acknowledgement to that reference point allows it to simply no longer be there. As that happens, all that rests on it falls away so you clear many, many beliefs and patterns at once.

You'll experience for yourself that you, as the creator of your universe, can BE these changes without having to connect to anything outside of yourself. Not only is that IN you, it IS you.

You'll have plenty of opportunity to practice what you learn in a safe and supervised environment.

There's lots more to this course, and I've listed the content below, but it really all boils down to the simple principles I've outlined above.

It's so easy but it's also truly profound.

There are no pre-requisites for the course in terms of experience or certifications.

You can find lots more detail about the Level 1 course at www.referencepointtherapy.com

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 Course content:

 Reference Points

The theory of the Original Reference Point

The Developmental Events model (much more detail in Level 2)

Beingness - Being one with/ pretending to be

Being instead of Doing

Allowing instead of healing

Body Scans

Finding the earliest Reference Point

Clearing the Trauma or Association

Secondary Gain and how to eliminate it.


Psychic Hooks

Psychic Attacks

Soul Fragments


Abundance Blocks

Soul Mates