EFT was developed in the 1990s by Stamford engineer Gary Craig.His process is a simplified version of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) which was created by psychotherapist Roger Callaghan. 

You can watch a short movie about EFT by clicking on the screen below.


The underlying premise is that the cause of every negative emotion is a blockage in the body’s energy system.

Straighten out the energy system and there goes the negative emotion. Pain is seen as a negative emotion as are anxiety, stress, depression, and so on.

The pain a person experiences may have a mechanical cause but even in these cases the pain may be minimized. If the underlying cause is an old one it is sometimes the case that no pain remains at all once EFT has been used.

The client is asked to give a SUDs number (Subjective Unit of Discomfort which is basically giving a mark out of 10 for how much it hurts) then to focus on the problem, as specifically as possible, and to repeat relevant phrases while a small number of meridian points around the head and upper body are gently tapped. The SUDs level is revisited frequently until it has significantly reduced or, preferably, there is no pain.

Basic EFT is easily taught and is an empowering gift to give a person. I’ve given basic instructions below.

EFT is worth trying on anything and great results can be achieved by first timers using the most basic process.

 If it’s so easy why do you need me?

Because you will get to different and deeper places with a skilled therapist than you will by yourself. Someone outside of you sees things in a different way and makes different links. After all, if something is painful or difficult we inevitably find a way of thinking or talking about it that is as easy as possible. This easy way probably firmly shuts doors in our minds because to look behind them is too uncomfortable or distressing. Often we anaesthetize ourselves by retelling a story over and over in a certain way.

Even if you do this EFT will help you but this relief will come faster, more easily and more deeply if you hand the work over.

 Free manual and information

 Gary Craig's website is the best place to find information about EFT. There is a search facility which allows you to look at thousands of articles and case studies on ailments, physical and emotional, of all types. There is also a free manual to download if you wish. To become a practitioner you must certify but anyone can use the technique for themselves.

 I offer sessions face-to-face and by phone. To make an appointment please click here.

Meanwhile, why not try EFT for yourself. Below are instructions to help you.


      KC karate chop                                            

      TH top of head

      EB eyebrow

      SE side of eye

      UE under eye

      UN under nose

      CH chin

      CB collar bone

      UA under arm

 Whilst tapping the karate chop (KC) point repeat the following three times with feeling:

 “Even though I ……(insert problem)……I deeply and completely accept myself”

 Then tap each of the points 6 or 7 times starting with the top of your head (TH) and working down through the inner eyebrow (EB), side of your eye (SE), under your eye (UE) , under your nose (UN), your chin (CH), collarbone (CB) and under your arm (UA), saying the following reminder phrase at each point:

 “This ….(problem)..”

 It is easier to gently thump your collar bone with your fist than to tap as the point can be tricky to find. Pat under your arm with the flat of your hand, aiming for the place where a bra strap would be.

 One round may be enough to get rid of your problem or you may need to do a few. If you feel the need to change the name of the problem, go with your instinct.

 The above gives you a structure to work from but it’s perfectly ok to free-form. Say what you like and just tap. It’s like jazz. If you have an unpleasant feeling that you can’t put a name to, simply call it “this unpleasant, horrid, yukky, nasty, sad, depressed feeling”. Whatever means something to you is what will work best.