Reference Point Therapy (RPT) arrived on the scene in March of 2009. I found RPT at the end of that April and knew immediately, right down to my bones, that it was right for me. That was before I'd even looked into it properly. When my heart and my gut speak to me so strongly I definitely pay attention and my decision was instantly made.

A word-of-mouth explosion immediately followed that March appearance which led to a10 month whirlwind, world-wide teaching tour by founders Simon and Evette Rose.

The huge demand for the RPT courses worldwide has been incredible to watch and be part of. I took Level 1 and 2 in Liverpool in September 2009 then completed Level 3 in London in October so I can now teach. There are only a few of us registered to teach at the moment but that is growing as I speak.

Valeria Moore's testimonial

One of the things that helped me decide so quickly about RPT was seeing a testimonial from Valeria Moore, respected therapist and author of "Healer Wisdom". To view the whole testimonial click here but here’s the bit that sold me:  

"Many of you know Simon Rose, an experienced healing teacher and long time supporter of Healer Wisdom.  Last year Simon let me know he was changing the way he practiced healings, shifting the focus from "belief work" to trauma work.  His new work has gained a lot of publicity, though it was only in recent weeks that I've had the opportunity to have a healing with him. I'd like to share the results of that healing with you.

I have had problems with my physical heart for several years.  I had learned to live with daily pain in my heart for years.  I have tried many alternative therapies.  With gratitude and respect to all the wonderful healer friends who have helped me, I would experience some relief but then the pain and fatigue would creep back . (This is my journey and not their fault. I just haven't been able to get to the bottom of it till now).

A couple of weeks ago the room went black and I briefly lost consciousness.  My pulse and blood pressure were off the charts, literally.  The blood pressure cuff would not register my pulse or my blood pressure.  I went to see an herbalist and dear friend.  She attempted to get answers from my energy systems as to what herbs would be best.  My energy fields were in a state of chaos.  I could not muscle test.  It was like there was no life energy present to test.  I could feel my life energy separating from the physical (way too much drama).  I became motivated to find a solution.

Simon Rose had been telling me about his new process called Reference Point Therapy.  After hearing about my heart's condition, he called me to guide me through his new process.  During the session I would feel physical shifts and there was a sweetness to the energy. Imagine my delight when the pain that had been my constant companion over the last several years was gone.  The next morning I could feel the air going deeply and clearly into my lungs.  I climbed Tacoma Dome District Hill two days in a row.  For those of you in the Puget Sound area of the United States you know this is a long steep hill.  I feel energized.  Actually, this is the most energy I have had in years.  I had my herbalist friend check the cardiac points.  They were all strong.”  

 I immediately went to Simon's website and, to cut a long story short, here I am offering you consultations and courses in RPT.

Valeria is now the CEO (I don't think she's chosen a title yet) of RPT. Simon and Evette handed over administrative control at the end of the summer, wishing to concentrate their energies on research and teaching and growing RPT.

So what is RPT?

There is nothing truly new under the sun. Every new thing develops out of something else and, if it's worthwhile, pushes the boundaries a little further and hopefully simplifies. RPT is no exception in both respects and Simon fully acknowledges the impact on his work of Grant McFetridge (, Soleira Green ( Dr Huw Len (Ho 'Oponpono) . There's also a sprinkling of NLP in there which is great.  But the development into new areas and the simplification are amazing.

You can read Simon and Evette's story and some background on the work of the three people cited above on so I won't repeat the whole thing here.  What I will do is outline the basic principles underlying the work.

The very bottom premise of RPT is that any traumatic response (ranging from discomfort to agony, from self-sabotaging patterns to outright destructive behaviour, from mild irritation to outright breakdown and so on) rests on an earlier event, trauma or association that sensitized us by creating an emotional association or tone. This event could have taken place within our lifetime or, more likely, in the womb. It could also lie in our ancestry. We carry information from all our ancestors; it's part of our biology. Most of this work deals with biology though the soul also features strongly.

We can only have a traumatic response if we are already sensitized. A useful analogy involves bee stings. Some people, if stung, go into anaphylactic shock and will die unless adrenaline is administered. Why? That person has already been stung and his body created the wrong antibodies. Anaphylaxis never occurs at the first sting. They have already been sensitized.

As an extreme example, two soldiers could go through the same battle side by side, experiencing the same horrors and losing the same friends. Both feel pain, terror, outrage. One emerges desperately sad and carries awful memories that will always be with him should he choose to look but he goes on to lead a normal and stable life. The other is virtually catatonic, suffers flashbacks and waking nightmares. The difference? One was already sensitized in some way.

So in RPT we are looking for that first sting. It does not have to be a major event. Something relatively minor can be seen, felt or experienced in some way. An association is created. Each time something happens that echoes the association it is reinforced. This can eventually manifest as beliefs, programs and disease. Thousands of beliefs can rest on that one single association or trauma. Find it and clear it and the whole lot collapses.

How it's different

We don't find that root cause by conventional digging through beliefs. Rather, we stay with the body and are guided by feelings rather than doing head work to work things out. We must get to the bottom feeling or vibration but the route is usually pretty short and direct. Once we're there we simply acknowledge the trauma or association.

Acknowledgement is the key. We don't need to DO anything. We simply BE with whatever needs to clear.

That can be a novel concept to many of us. One's instinct can be to do hours of detective work and then to fix things. But we're already perfect. We may need to allow some junk to clear out of the way, that's all. Of course, you'll learn how to do that. Simon even tells you how on his website.

So all of that comes down to WHAT? WHEN? ACKNOWLEDGE.

Evolution of RPT

The technique has already developed, evolved and simplified even further. Much of the time we don’t even have to get directly to the when or be able to label the what. Simply to get down to a core tone that is often nameless and set the intention to ackniowledge it at it’s point of origin is all the perfect, elegant healing we need.

Piece of cake. Lovely cake, though.