Reference Point Therapy

Simon and Evette Rose are the founders of RPT. Their website has a wealth of information about this new and exciting technique.


Theta Healing

The founder of Theta Healing is Vianna Stibal. Visit her site at



Gary Craig's site is a valuable resource. Here you may download the EFT manual for free, sign up for the free newsletter and look up articles and case studies for just about any issue you can imagine.



For life coaching, business coaching and spiritual coaching I recommend Vicky Coombes with all my heart. She's gifted, kind and practical as well as being the font of all knowledge.

A particular favourite is the most amazing and useful tarot reading you'll ever have. Vicky combines tarot with theta and coaching which means that you actually get to clear the doubts, fears and obstacles that come up and you leave with goals and specific, usable next steps on the issue in question. Amazing.


Vicky is also a wonderful artist. Take a look at


Law of Attraction

Mark Foster is the best speaker I've encountered on this subject. What sets him apart is his intention to make all of the science and spirituality involved accessible to the man in the street and he achieves that so well without compromising his message.

You can sign up for his excellent free newsletter on his website.