Distance is no object and it's really easy

Any time, any place, anywhere

Having a session by phone means that no matter where we both are, we can connect to resolve whatever it is you’d like to work on. Both Theta and EFT lend themselves perfectly to phone work. It’s just as effective as working face to face.

I work from home so I’m not tied to office hours, which means that time zones aren’t a problem and we can organise ourselves around your working pattern . We’ll easily find a time to suit us both.


It’s so easy

It’s really easy to book a phone session. Just ring or e-mail me to arrange a date and time. Payment is made in advance of the call. You can send me a cheque or use PayPal via my website. I will have other payment options soon so that it’s as convenient as possible for you.


What happens if the call doesn’t go ahead?

If I have to cancel a call for any reason (it’s never happened yet and something pretty serious would have to come up before I would do that) I will refund in full. If you wish to reschedule then, as long as you do that at least 48 hours before the time of your original appointment, we’ll simply use the original payment.

If you cancel within 48 hours then I will refund half of your payment.


There’s no extra cost

You won’t have whopping phone charges to manage on top of the cost of the session. I use Skype wherever possible, especially for overseas calls, which either means that the call is free for both of us or, if you don’t have Skype, I can use it to call you really cheaply. UK calls are free for me so I will ring you.


Charges are the same as for face-to-face sessions.